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HP ROLMET 7 is a neat cold rolling oil for use in Cold rolling of stainless steels requiring high degree of “BA Finish” (Bright Annealing) , very smooth surface Texture with spot free finish.

HP ROLMET 7 is made out of highly refined low viscosity base oil having ultra-low sulfur and aromatic content. This oil contains carefully selected additive chemistry intended to give superior performance of high VI, Rust prevention, besides Non staining characteristics .

The oil provides optimum co-efficient of friction between the roll bites depending upon the type of metal surface, roll diameter, rolling speed and percentage reduction.


  • Provides excellent thermal stability
  • Protection of bearings and rolls from heat generated.
  • Provides mill cleanliness, lower roll force & longer life of oil.
  • Produces high surface quality clean sheet and also provides better surface reflectance.
  • Biodegradable

HP ROLMET 7 is successfully performing in one of the India’s largest Stainless steel manufacturer – M/s JSL (Jindal Steel) in manufacture of SS strips for Razor blades and coin blanks.

Physico-chemical properties

Colour ASTM, Max 2
Kinematic Viscosity @ 40 °C, cSt 7 - 9
Flash Point °C, COC, Min 160
Copper Corrosion 3Hrs, @ 100 °C, Max 1
Saponification Value, mg KOH/gm, Max 29-33
Neutralisation Number , mg KOH/gm , Max 0.5

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