Rust Preventives

RUSTOP 285, 286, 287, S, 387, 388,389

RUSTOP 285, 286, 287, S, 387, 388,389


RUSTOP 285, 286, 287

Premium quality oil film type rust preventives. They are lubricating oils containing soluble corrosion Inhibitors. RUSTOP 285 possesses moderate water displacement characteristics. RUSTOP 286 is oil type nondrying combination lubricant cum rust preventive. Suitable for internal protection of gearboxes, back axles, assemblies, oil and fuel tanks, IC engines etc.


  285 286 287
Appearance Slightly Hazy Clear Clear
Flash Point, COC °C, Min 190 190 216
Kin Visc @ 40 °C, cSt 25.3-33.2 167-175 253-272
Saponification Value mg KOH/gm 5.0-7.0 4.4-5 0 4.0-6.0

RUSTOP 387, 388

Greasy film type rust preventives. These products do not contain any solvents but contain rust preventing additives. Application of these rust preventives is by hot dipping. They are soft waxy solids at room temperature. Specially developed for usage in piston assemblies, oil seals, transmissions and timer chains. Also used for rust prevention of items such as milling cutters, plain bearing inserts and highly finished gauges.


This is semi fluid type of rust preventive recommended by certain forging industries for their finished components.


  387 388 389
Appearance - Light Brown Yellow to Brown
Flash Point, COC °C, Min 218 - -
Copper Strip Corrosion, At 3 Hrs, 100°C,ASTM, Max 1 1 -


There are standardized test used in the metal protection industry to ensure the pro duct delivers the performance characteristics desire by the end user. The key rust preventive tests are listed below that are used to determine a specific products performance.

Test & Procedure Purpose
Copper (ASTM 0 130) 3 hat 100 °C Measures fluid's nonferrous compatibility
Turbine Oil Rust (ASTM 0665) A- In Distilled Water 8-Synthetic Sea Water Measures the ability of inhibited mineral oils to aid preventing the rusting of ferrous metals in the Presence of water.
Aqueous Cutting Fluid (IP125) Measures corrosion protection of aqueous cutting fluids.
Filter Paper Chip Breakpoint (IP287) Evaluates rust inhibition properties of aqueous cutting fluids compared to a reference fluid.
Humidity Cabinet Rust (ASTM 01748) Measures ability of preservative oils to protect metal parts from rusting under conditions of high humidity.
Salt Spray (ASTM 8117) Steel part corrosion protection measured after exposure to 5% salt spray.
Acid Fume (AQCT-25) Accelerated testing for indoor storage under acid atmospheric conditions.
Stack Stain Test (MIL-C-2235 A) Accelerated testing to determine the effect of water contamination, heat and metal to metal contact on coiled or stacked metal surfaces.
Water Displacement (MIL-PRF- 16173E) Test procedure to show the ability of a corrosion Inhibitor compound to displace water from a metal surface.
Nail Climb Test (AQCT-21) Tesl to determine the penetrating ability of corrosion inhibitor compounds.
Cleveland Condensing Humidity Cabinet Measures antirust properties of metal preservative fluids on steel panels. Considered more severe than ASTM D1748 humidity test.




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