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We, Shanti HP Gas Agency are an authorized Distributor of Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Limited (A Govt. of India Enterprise & Global Fortune 500 Company) for HP Gas Domestic & Industrial distributor at Raipur Region since 2014. We distribute 14.2 Kg Hp Gas domestic cylinder as per demand. We are currently serving more than 5000 satisfied Domestic consumers. For industrial use we supply 5 Kg, 19 Kg, 35 Kg & 47.5 Kg, 425 Kg HP Gas LOT & BOT Cylinders. We are having presence in various customers type Viz Steel Plant, Sponge Iron, Rolling Mills, Agro Industries, Hotels & Restaurants, Shopping Malls, Caters, Bakers in entire Raipur.

We are among the top selling HP Gas Industrial Distributor with prompt services as per your needs

  • Quality LPG is a colourless gas. LPG is not poisonous. However, at the time of production, mercaptan (a chemical compound) is added to it so as to give the now familiar foul smell for easy detection of gas in the air. Even very small quantities of gas can be detected by this smell.
  • Safety Since LPG is almost twice the weight of air it tends to settle down at floor level, particularly in depressions. Hence, care has to be taken in placing the gas installations in the house. Also the fact that 1 cc. of liquid LPG multiplies into about 270 cc. of gaseous LPG helps it spread very rapidly in the atmosphere. Hence, if a gas cylinder leaks, it should be immediately removed to an open area.
  • HP Anytime, a 24x7 IVRS (96690 23456) based refill booking system, is a customer-centric initiative launched by HPCL in the interest of all HPGAS customers. Through this system, a HPGAS customer can call a Single Number across the State to book refills. The Customer would instantly get a real time booking number from IVRS. This system replaces the current practice of manual booking by the showroom staff.
Shanti HP Gas Agency (HP Gas Domestic & Commercial Distributor)
Key Personnel
  • Mr. Girish Pandey : 93002-59001
  • Ms. Pratibha Rathi : 93002-59002

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