Responsible for the company’s strategic direction, talent development and financial performance, the SHANTI Group team is dedicated to building a company that nourishes the world in a safe, responsible and sustainable way. Although they represent a diverse collection of experience both inside and outside of SHANTI Group, each of them has a strong track record of leading people to achieve results. Together, they are working to make SHANTI Group the most trusted partner in the lubricant segments.

Mr. Kamal Agrawal is a frontrunner who sets an example through his actions rather than mere words. He firmly believes that success is a continuous journey, not a final destination. With his proactive approach, he transforms every risk into an opportunity. His friendly demeanor has not only won the hearts of customers and suppliers but also gained the admiration of employees. Mr. Kamal Agrawal treats everyone like a family member, fostering a strong bond within and outside the organization while maintaining professional ethics. In summary, he is an entrepreneur, leader, visionary, philanthropist, and above all, a compassionate individual.

PRIYAM AGRAWAL, A true entrepreneur is the Executive Director of the group. As a Post Graduate from Cass Business School London, he uses his knowledge and skills to manage the sales and marketing of the group. He is known for his dedication, comprehensive analysis, thorough dealing, communication and decision making skills, which has indeed helped the company move towards its vision.