Quenching Oils



Detail Description

Metaquench 88 is a hot quenching oil with exceptional ageing stability coupled with distortion control properties . The product consists of highly refined base oil fortified with performance additives and detergent components for long lasting performance , sludge removal etc. Recommended for use in higher temperature for better dimensional control.

salient features

  • A high and uniform rate of cooling during initial quenching phase.
  • Faster speed ensures proper and uniform hardness
  • Slower in the convection phase to avoid the distortion problems.
  • Consistently bright finish of the components.

Physico-chemical properties

Kinematic Viscosity @ 40°C CST ASTM D 445 90 (Typical)
Viscosity Index , Min   ASTM D 2270 95
Flash Point, (COC) , Min °C ASTM D 92 250
Pour Point , Max °C ASTM D 97 -12
Cu.Strip Corrosion @ 100°C, Max 3hrs   ASTM D 482 1
GM Quenchometeer Seconds     13.4 (Typical)
Total Acidity, Mg KOH/g of oil , Max   ASTM D 974 0.1
Volatility , % MASS , Max % Wt IS 1212 0.5




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