Unipro Conkote Dedusting Oils



Application areas :

Rayon coning oil used as emulsion.

Detail Description

Special rayon coning oil fortified with carefully selected emulsifier enabling easy removal from rayon yarn.

Performance benefits :

  • Good lubricity
  • Oxidation stability
  • Acceptable odour
  • Easy removability

Physico-chemical properties

Emulsion Test Pass
Low Temperature Emulsion Stability Test Pass
Kinematic Viscosity, cSt, @ 40°C 23
Emulsion Stability 3 g/Litre (In Soft Water) Should Be Stable Emulsion
pH of Emulsion, 3 g/Litre (In Soft Water) 6.8-8.2
Appearance Bright & Clear



Mould Release Oils

Diesel Exhaust Fluid

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