Rust Preventives

RUSTOP 68, 173, 173 DW, 175, 179,184

RUSTOP 68, 173, 173 DW, 175, 179,184



HP Rustop grades or rust preventives have been formulated for various specific applications and offer following advantages:

  • They are non-staining
  • They are compatible with lubricating oils and hence the surface film need not be removed
  • They are easily applied by brush, spray or swab
  • They are easily removed by solvent
  • Offer wide coverage & therefore economical



These products are free flowing liquids consisting of film forming agents, rust inhibitors, water displacing additives and lubricant base stock, carried by a solvent. On evaporation of solvent, a thin, soft film is obtained. Upon application, these products displace all traces of moisture from the surface.

Rust and corrosion are factors of major economic importance costing industry and consumer’s abnormal expenses. This unwanted expenditure can be curtailed/eliminated markedly through the use of petroleum based temporary rust and corrosion preventives.

Various protective measures like alloying, plating, painting, etc. are used by the engineering industry to prevent metals from the effects of corrosion. While the measures indicated above are of a permanent / semi-permanent nature, petroleum based rust preventives find wide application for temporary corrosion protection during storage and transportation.

Rustop grades have been selectively formulated for various applications and offer the following advantages.

  • These are non -staining
  • These are compatible with lubricating oils and hence the surface film need not be removed
  • These are easily applied by brush, spray or swab
  • These are easily removable by solvent
  • These are economical

HP RUSTOP 173, 179, 184

Solvent cut back type rust preventive useful under moderate conditions and for interim protection from rusting. RUSTOP 173 possesses finger print neutralization and water displacement characteristics. RUSTOP 179 is a premium quality rust preventive specially developed for intermediate protection. RUSTOP 184 is a light moderate duty rust preventive giving nondrying film.

Application areas: Rust preventive specially designed for application on wide range of single items, on interior surfaces where elaborate protection is unnecessary. However, these grades should not be used where small orifice cavities occur


It is an outstanding water displacing, non staining dewatering fluid cum Rust preventive which rapidly separates water from metal surfaces after machining operations or alkali cleaning. The grade is barium free.

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