Quenching Oils




Meets specifications :

IS:2664-1980 (Re-affirmed in 1987) straight mineral type grade compounded.

Application areas:

General purpose quenching oil of all components. However, this oil is not suitable for quenching cyanided parts.

Detail Description

General purpose compounded quenching oil suitable for quenching of components for conditions when higher quenching speeds are required.

This is a blend of highly refined petroleum base stocks with high quality fatty oils .The heat transfer characteristics of the petroleum base stocks are enhanced by the presence of the high quality fatty oil with its inherent wetting ability. Its quenching speed is higher as compared to Metaquench 39, and Metaquench 40. Metaquench 42 is recommended for general purpose quenching operations It is,however, not recommended for quenching of cyanided parts. Metaquench 42 meets the requirement of IS 2664 -1980 ( Re-affrmend in 1993 )Compounded Type Quenching Oil.

Performance benefits :

  • Good thermal conductivity
  • Good oxidation stability
  • Low volatility
  • Excellent wetting characteristics

Physico-chemical properties

Appearance Clear
Kinematic viscosity @ 40 °c, cst 20-33
Viscosity index 88
Flash point, coc °c, min 190
Saponification value mg koh/gm 5-15

Mould Release Oils

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