Rubber Process Oils





Aromatic process oils are primarily used in the manufacture of tyres. A typical tyre tread may contain a substantial weight of this aromatic extender Oil. These oils contain Poly Aromatic Hydrocarbons (PAH) / Polycylic Aromatic Hydrocarbons (PCA). It has been scientifically proved that a PCA Content of more than 3% weight is directly proportional to the risk of cancer in human beings. The PCAs are released to the environment during the process of tyre wear and manufacture.

The content of PCA/PAH need to be controlled to ensure that the product does not damage the environment. ELASTO SUPREME is a treated residual aromatic extract (TRAE) type product which has been designed to prevent damage to the environment and at the same time contribute to the high end performance of modern automobile tyre and Styrene Butadiene Rubber (SBR).

Physico-chemical properties

PROPERTIES Method Typical Values
Colour (ASTM) D 1500 8
Density @ 15°C, g/cc D 1298 0.90-0.96
Refractive Index @ 20°C D 1218 1.5312
Flash Point, COC, °C D 92 250-350
Pour Point, °C D 97 18-38
Kinematic Viscosity, Cst D 445  
40 °C   700-1206
100 °C   25-31
Sulphur, % wt. D 4294 2.56-3.13
Carbon type Analysis D 2140  
Ca   15-30
Cn   20-30
Cp   40-65
Refractivity Intercept   1.061
Viscosity Gravity Constant D 2501 0.8598
Aniline Point, °C D 611 84-94
Evaporation Loss, 22 hrs, 107 °C , % wt D 972 <0.1
Noack Volatility, % wt. D 5800 1.1
DMSO Extractables, % wt. IP 346 3 Max
Glass Transition temperature   - 38 to -51
Polars, % wt. D 2007 1.3
Aromatics, % wt. D 2007 50
Saturates, % wt. DD 2007 48.7
As per EU Direction 2005/69/EC Limit Mg per Kg
Benzo(a) pyrene <1 mg per Kg 0.158
Sum of 8 listed PAH <10 mg per Kg 1.748

Mould Release Oils

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