What is AdBlue® ?

AdBlue® Product

AdBlue® is a 32.5% solution of urea in deionized water and is required by many commercial vehicles operating on Indian roads. AdBlue® is essential for the correct operation of an advanced pollution control technology installed in the exhaust system called Selective Catalytic Reduction or SCR. Unlike diesel, AdBlue® is a clear, non-toxic liquid that is safe to handle and does not damage the environment. AdBlue® is not a fuel or fuel additive.

AdBlue® is a high specification solution and is manufactured to the VDA GERMANY & ISO 22241 STANDARDS.

Shanti Green Energy Pvt. Ltd.

SHANTI GREEN ENERGY- The Automotive Expert

SHANTI GREEN ENERGY PVT LTD is a leading AdBlue manufacturer based in Central India.

Our company specializes in producing high quality AdBlue, which is a diesel exhaust fluid used in vehicles with SELECTIVE CATALYTIC REDUCTION (SCR) systems to reduce harmful emissions. Our products are designed to enhance the performance of both petrol and diesel engines, while also promoting greater fuel efficiency and reduced emissions.

We collaborate closely with leaders in the automotive and petroleum industries to continuously innovate and improve our products, utilizing the knowledge and expertise of our teams of seasoned professionals. AdBlue is a prime example of this process, as it was developed through a deep understanding.


Very low biuret content, which prevents unwanted side reactions,that clog the catalytic converter minimal presence of metal and other impurities that poison the SELECTIVE CATALYTIC REDUCTION (SCR) SYSTEM plant equipped with german technology with a capacity of more than 250kl per day state of the art in house laboratory for assuring quality parameters as per ISO 22241 & VDA

DEF by SHANTI at work in SCR assembly

In combination with the SCR-technology, SHANTI DEF optimizes sooty particle and NOx emissions as well as fuel consumption.

Within the SCR system, SHANTI DEF is directly injected into the exhaust gas where it serves as a reducing agent. Thereby, ammonia is released that subsequently reacts with the NOx and transforms them into elementary nitrogen and water, reducing NOx emissions by 85% and above.



Being the Central India’s pioneer in AdBlue® manufacturing in India, Shanti Green Energy has been supporting major commercial vehicle OEMs in the development of SCR technology. Shanti Green Energy has been playing a key role in the availability of Genuine AdBlue® for OEMs by managing their supply chain efficiently.

Our Equipment Builder partnership offers a close working relationship with engineering specialists across all industry sectors — dynamic relationships that lead to innovative products. Just as Original Equipment Manufacturers count on us for AdBlue®expertise throughout the equipments’ life cycle, we rely on them for insights into ways to improve our AdBlue® and services to better meet their needs.

Shanti Green Energy Pvt. Ltd.



Prior to discussing specifics of any toll blending project, a mutual non-disclosure confidentiality agreement will be signed by both parties. This will protect any type of confidential and proprietary information.


Toll blending, also called contract manufacturing or contract blending, is process in which the production of ADBLUE blending is outsourced. Our scientists can take your formula, raw materials, and packaging and turn it into a finished product, ready for shipping. SHANTI GREEN ENERGY specializes in toll blending and packaging of Adblue from bulk packaging to small retail packages of upto 200ml as well.


Manufacturing Facility

Shanti Green utilizes stainless steel vessels to manufacture Adblue. With multiple mixing vessels and variable speed blenders we can provide customers with batch size flexibility and capacity for large campaigns and multiple projects. Shanti Green Energy manufacturing plants are equipped with fully automated lines for filling & packaging for small containers. Also we have installed online batch prints &quality monitoring systems, to ensure the right tracking and control over quality & performance of the packed goods.

Shanti Green Energy Pvt. Ltd.


Shanti Green its manufacturing plants for Adblue based at Raipur, Chhattisgarh in the heart of India. The total production capacity 60000 Mt of adBlue® per annum on single shift basis. Various package filling lines are available from 100ml / 500ml / 1 litre / 4 litre / 5 litre / 20 litre / 25 litre 210 litre / 1000L IBC and bulk tankers.

We also offer sea cargo container filling for onwards distribution to any destination


Utilizing contract blending can have many benefits. By outsourcing Adblue blending to Shanti Green Energy, you can manufacture more economically and efficiently. Some of the benefits of toll blending include more control over your labor costs, less waste and lower energy costs.

Depend on NPL for Your Overflow Production

Control labor cost by outsourcing to Shanti Green Energy when your orders exceed their production capacity. Rather than investing in a larger facility or staff in response to a temporaryinflux in business, rely on Shanti Green Energy for the blending and packaging of your formulations. Our scientists can accurately manufacture, package, and ship your formulations efficiently and economically to every major continent.

Shanti Green Energy Pvt. Ltd.

Shanti Green Energy Pvt. Ltd.

Choose Shanti Green Energy as Your Center for Production

Shanti Green Energy has its manufacturing units based in Central Indian region, is an ideal location for companies who need to provide Adblue to customers. We can manufacture and ship products from our facility at a substantially lower cost than a customer would incur by producing at their own plants and shipping a longer distance.

Partner With Shanti Green Energy and Take Advantage of our Consulting Services

As Adblue manufacturing experts, we provide startup companies with assistance with their chemical formulations. Already have a perfected formula? We can save you the upfront costs associated with manufacturing and warehousing by producing your formulations at our facility.

Shanti Green Energy Pvt. Ltd.