Diesel Exhaust Fluid



Premium Diesel Exhaust Fluid (AUS 32)

Detail Description

HP DEF is a premium Diesel Exhaust Fluid manufactured as per ISO 22241 & IS 17042 (Part 1) specifications. It is a non-toxic, high quality and highly pure Aqueous Urea Solution that works with SCR (Selective Catalytic Reduction) technology to chemically change harmful nitrogen oxide (NOx) emissions from heavy-duty diesel vehicles into harmless nitrogen and water.


  • Best before 12 months from the date of manufacturing subject to storage in a good, ventilated covered area and which is not exposed to direct sunlight. Storage temperature to be between -6°C to 30°C for maintaining optimum condition
  • If storage is above 30° C or in a vented container, the shelf-life will be best before 6 months from the date of manufacturing
  • Keep away from dust & dirt


  • Do not fill into Diesel/Fuel Tank
  • Avoid contamination with Diesel/Oil
  • Use dedicated equipment for handling HP DEF


Test Characteristics UOM Specifications Test Method
Aldehyde PPM 0-5 ISO 22241-2 Annex F
Alkalinity as NH3 % 0-0.2 ISO 22241-2 Annex D
Biuret % 0-0.3 ISO 22241-2 Annex E
Density @ 20 Deg C Kg/m3 1087.0-1093.0 ISO 12185
Insoluble PPM 0-20 ISO 22241-2 Annex G
RI @ 20 Deg C   1.3814-1.3843 ISO 22241-2 Annex C
Urea content % 31.8-33.2 ISO 22241-2 Annex B or C


HP DEF is recommended for modern Commercial Vehicles (Trucks & Buses), Diesel SUVs and any other BS IV / VI or (Euro IV/V/VI) compliant diesel engines employing SCR / EGR-SCR technology for NOx reduction.

Features and Benefits

  • Superior protection for the SCR catalyst
  • Prevents fouling/clogging of Spray nozzles
  • Prevents gummy deposits in the tail pipe

Meets or Exceeds Requirement Of

  • SO 22241-1: 2006
  • S :17042(PART 1): 2018



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Diesel Exhaust Fluid

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