Gear and Transmission Oils

Gear and Transmission Oils



High Quality Automatic Transmission, Torque Converter and Power Steering Fluid

Detail Description

HP ATF DEX IID is a high quality automatic transmission fluid manufactured from highly refined base stocks and carefully selected additives, to provide a superior performance in the automatic transmission systems of automotive

HP ATF DEX IID provides exemplary performance benefits than a GM Type A Suffix A fluid in terms of the fluid’s durability, oxidation resistance, protection for the automatic transmission system against wear & corrosion, while providing wider temperatures of operations.


HP ATF DEX IID is recommended for automatic transmissions and power steering systems of vehicles requiring GM DEXRON®-IID / II/ Type A Suffix A quality fluids.

It is also recommended for synchromesh gear boxes and certain manual transmissions, torque converters and hydraulic systems, where such types of fluids are specified.

Features and Benefits

  • Superior durability than Type A Suffix A fluids
  • Enhanced oxidation and thermal stability reduces deposit formation
  • Superior anti-wear protection to critical parts
  • Very high viscosity index and low pour point ensures proper lubrication in both high temperature operation & low starting temperatures
  • Compatible with all common elastomers
  • Provides good protection against rust and corrosion

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