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Advanced Radiator Coolant & Corrosion Inhibitor for IC Engines

Detail Description

HP Powerkool is a new generation Radiator Coolant and Corrosion Inhibitor, specifically developed for IC Engines running in warm climate, thus not requiring Anti-freeze properties. Unlike the conventional anti-freeze radiator coolants, HP Powerkool is based on Organic Acid Technology and hence, it has the potency of a prolonged service life.


  • The product is based on carboxylic acid chemistry.
  • Contains carboxylic acids (C8 - C10), neutralized with sodium hydroxide.
  • Boron Free
  • Amine Free
  • Contains fluorescent yellow-green dye.
  • In course of the Field Trials at APSRTC and BEST on various Heavy Commercial Vehicle radiators, the product has exhibited several key benefits in service, such as:
  • Bio-degradable and environment friendly (being of Carboxylate base and boron free)
  • Exemplary corrosion inhibition of the metal components
  • Superior compatibility to Elastomers (rubber components) used in cooling system
  • Retention of concentration over a good duration, hence nil or negligible consumption (apart from those owing to leakage/ contamination etc.)
  • Low dosage requirement (only @ 5% with DM Water)


HP Powerkool recommended for use in Radiators of Heavy Commercial Vehicles running in warm climate, thus not requiring anti-freeze protection.


HP Powerkool is recommended to be used @ 5% dosage with De-mineralized Water.


  • Bio-degradable and environment friendly
  • Extended water pump life
  • Maximized cavitation corrosion protection
  • Extended coolant life
  • Improved heat transfer
  • Lower cooling system maintenance costs


Appearance Bright and Clear
Colour Fluorescent Yellow-Green
PH of 5% Solution with Distilled Water 9
Specific Gravity, @ 20 °C/20 °C 1.15
Carboxylate Concentration 2050


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