Radiator Coolants

Radiator Coolants

HP KOOLGARD, Industrial Gear Oil in Raipur


High Quality Radiator Coolant

Detail Description

HP KOOLGARD is an engine coolant with Ethylene Glycol base for use in radiators. HP KOOLGARD is 100% concentrated product. It should be used in dilution ratio of 20 % to 50 % with water or as per vehicle manufacturer’s recommendation.


Recommended for use in cooling system of all diesel vehicles, passenger cars, jeeps vans & tempos.

Features and Benefits

  • Easy miscibility with water
  • Effective cooling
  • Good chemical stability
  • High boiling point & low freezing point
  • Protects radiator against rust & corrosion.

Meets or Exceeds Requirement Of

  • JISK2234-2006
  • BIS 5759-2006

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