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Premium Quality Final Drive & Axle Oil

Detail Description

HP POWERFLO FD1-60 is a premium quality final drive & axle oil formulated from high quality hydro-treated base stocks and revolutionary and unique additive technology, designed to meet the Caterpillar FD1-60 lubricant specifications. HP POWERFLO FD1-60 contains special anti-wear components that provide increased protection for bearings and gears against macro-pitting and metal fatigue and imparts full metal and seal compatibility, excellent thermal and oxidation stability and sustained anti-foam performance.

HP POWERFLO FD1-60 grade is meant specifically for applications with high load and high temperature conditions where protection of gears and bearings are the primary concern. HP POWERFLO FD1-60 is a preferred lubricant for CAT final drives and axles that formerly specified CAT TO-4 oils and that do not contain friction materials.


HP POWERFLO FD1-60 is recommended for use in certain Caterpillar equipment having highly loaded final drives and axles that do not contain friction material.

Features and Benefits

  • Excellent protection against rust
  • Excellent protection against copper corrosion
  • Excellent seal compatibility
  • Sustained antifoam performance
  • Excellent thermal & oxidation stability
  • Extended oil life due to low rate of oxidation
  • Reduced downtime due to extended oil change

Meets or Exceeds Requirement Of

  • Caterpillar FD-1


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