Radiator Coolants



Detail Description

HP KOOLGARD LL is a phosphate, silicate, nitrite and borate free, ethylene glycol-based coolant that is formulated with organic corrosion inhibitors to provide total cooling system protection for upto 5 lac kms in Heavy Commercial Vehicles. Since the organic corrosion inhibitors do not readily deplete, it eliminates the need for frequent topping ups as required when using conventional coolants.

HP KOOLGARD LL is a coolant concentrate, which if used in dilution ratio of 50% with water can give significantly extended coolant life. Whereas other engine coolants are required to be drained out within 1 lac kms, HP Koolgard LL ( 50 % conc.) can give an extended life upto 5 lac Kms under standard conditions.


Recommended for use in radiators of all Diesel Vehicles, Passenger Cars, Jeeps, Vans & Tempos.

Features and Benefits

  • Long Service Life
  • Based on Organic Acid Technology
  • Superior heat transfer properties
  • Good chemical stability
  • High boiling point & low freezing point
  • Protects radiator against rust & corrosion.
  • Environment friendly coolant

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