Radiator Coolants

Radiator Coolants

HP KOOLGARD P, Industrial Gear Oil in Raipur


Premium Radiator Coolant

Detail Description

HP KOOLGARD P is a Borate, Silicate, Phosphate and Amine free premium coolant. HP KOOLGARD P is a coolant concentrate, which is to be used in dilution ratio of 20% to 50% with water or as per vehicle manufacturer’s recommendation.


Recommended for use in radiators of all Diesel Vehicles, Passenger Cars, Jeeps, Vans & Tempos.

Features and Benefits

  • Easy miscibility with water
  • Effective Cooling
  • Good chemical stability
  • High boiling point & low freezing point
  • Protect radiator against rust & corrosion.
  • Environment friendly coolant

Meets or Exceeds Requirement Of

  • JISK2234-2006
  • BIS 5759-2006

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