Industrial Greases




Meets specifications :

Lithoplex 1, 2 & 3 are premium Lithium Complex greases

Application areas :

Lithoplex grades meet the requirements of all industrial grease applications for ball and roller bearings in steel mills, paper mills, cement plants. Lithoplex has, in addition to shear stability, high load carrying capacity and is recommended for situations having extremely high temperature. These greases are suitable for applications up to 200°C. Lithoplex is also suitable for ball and roller bearings of railway axle boxes. Lithoplex 1 is suitable for applications in the lubrication of the rack and pinion joint of the kilns in the cement industry

Performance benefits :

  • Excellent resistance to leakage & dripping at high temperature
  • Outstanding oxidation and mechanical stability
  • Works most satisfactorily even at high loads, wet and dry situations
  • Good rust protection characteristics

Special Features

Lithoplex series of greases are premium quality, lithium base complex greases suitable for lubricating various types of mechanical equipment’s. These are superior multipurpose greases, developed to meet the varied temperature requirements of ball and roller bearing lubrication. They possess outstanding oxidation & mechanical stability, water-resistant and rust protection characteristics. These grades have an exceptionally high dropping point giving them excellent resistance to leakage, dripping and throw-off at elevated operating temperatures.

Physico-chemical properties

Appearance Green & Smooth Green & Smooth Green & Smooth
Dropping Point, Deg C >250 >260 >260
Mineral Oil Viscosity @ 40 deg C ISO VG 220 ISO VG 220 ISO VG 220
Copper Corrosion Pass Pass Pass
EMCOR Rust test 0,0 0,0 0,0


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