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Detail Description

HP LITHON RR 3 is a premium quality lithium base multipurpose grease

Meets AARM – 942 ( Modified ), IS 7623 : 1993 (Re-affirmed 2006) specification and WD – 17 of Indian Railways.

Recommended for use in antifriction bearings of railway axle boxes, heavy duty wheel bearings of road transport vehicles, diesel/elecric locomotive roller bearings, construction machinery, cranes, blowers and electric motors.

Performance benefits :

  • Prolonged regreasing period
  • Excellent shear stability
  • Enhanced component life
  • Surface adhesion
  • Reduced down-time
  • Non ageing
  • Substantial saving in maintenance and running costs
  • Excellent mechanical & structural stability

Physico-chemical properties

Appearance Smooth & Uniform
Consistency of the grease, @ 25 ± 0.5 °C,
0.1 mm units Worked, 60 strokes Min
Worked 1,00,000 Strokes @ 25 °C Shall not differ from worked
60 X by more than 25 units
Dropping Point, °C, Min 180
Free Alkalinity, as LiOH, % wt, Max 0.2
Free Organic Acidity, as, Oleic Acid, % wt 0.3
Corrosion Copper Strip, @ 100°C for 24 Hrs Negative
Heat Stability, @ 100°C for 30 HRS,
% wt Oil Separated, Max
HP LITHON RR 3 is also approved by Indian Railways for use in Automotive and M & P applications.

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