Compressor Oils

Compressor Oils

HYCOM 150 P, Industrial Gear Oil in Raipur


Meets specifications:

Meets DIN 51506 VDL specifications, IS 13256:1992 DAB

Application areas:

Specially developed for railway compressors.

Performance benefits:

  • This oil has good demulsibility property, low deposits and sludge foaming tendency at a wide range of working temperature and in any gaseous atmosphere.
  • Meets DIN 51506 VDL specifications, IS 13256:1992 DAB

Special Features

  • It is blended out of highly refined turbine base stocks and special types of anti-oxidants, anti-rust, antifoam and demulsifier which do not react to any of the types of gases.

Physico-chemical properties

Appearance Clear
Acidity, Total mg KOH / g 0.20
Density @ 29.5°C,g/cc 0.8770
Flash Point, COC, °C >210
Pour Point, °C <-15
FZG Rig Test, Pass Load Stage >8
Rusting Test, Syn Sea Water, 24 Hrs Pass
Kin. Viscosity @ 40°C, cSt 135-165
Kin. Viscosity @ 100°C, cSt 15.0
Viscosity Index 100

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