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We have the entire range of hydraulic & circulating oils, industrial gear box oils, engine Oils, turbine oils, cutting oils, refrigeration compressor oils, quenching oils, rubber Processing oils, heat transfer fluids, spindle oils, rust preventive oils, bearing oils, open Gear oils, metal drawing compound oils, machinery tools way oils, etc. As per national / International standards & specification i.e

Hydraulic & circulating oils
  • Is : 10522 – 1983 (reaffirmed 1993), uss 127.
  • Pass vickers v-104 c vane pump test, ipss : 1-09-022 etc.

Hydraulic & circulating oils (anti wear type)
  • Din 51524 part2 specification denison hf-os and hf-2 cincinnati milacron p-68, p-69, p70 and is: 11656 – 1986 specifications and us steel 127 also passes vickers vane pump test.
  • Approved by ingersoll – rand for use in their screw compressors, approved by voith india
  • For use in hydraulic coupling and l & t mcneil ltd, chennai for injection moulding Machinery.

industrial gear box oils
  • Is : 8406 – 1993, uss 224, agma standard 250.04, din 51 517 part 3, ippss 1-09-003-82 and cininnati
  • Milacron p-63, p-77, p-35, are approved by abb – abl projects for their various equipments,
  • Recommended by major gear box manufactures like fmg, shanti gear box, etc.

engine oils 20w 40
  • Api cc/sc , us military mil-l-2104b, e-pl1/edl1 of is:13656:1993,
  • Api cd, us military mil-l-45199b, e-dl2 of is:13656:1993,
  • Api cf&acea e1-96, api cd/sf, mil-l-2104c,e-dl 3/e-pl 2 of is:13656:1993,
  • Api cd/sf, mil-l-2104c, e-dl 3/e-pl 2 of is:13656:1993 and mack t-7 engine test requirements.

engine oils 15w 40
  • Api cf-4 donut by api. Mb 228.1, ccmc d-4/g- 4/pd-2, mil-l-2104e & allison c-4,
  • Mb 228.3, volvo vds2 & e-dl4 of is:13656-1993,
  • Api sg/cd, mil-l-46152d & e-pl 3/ e-dl 2 of is:13656:1993

turbine oils
  • Is :1012- 1987 (reaffirmed 1993 ),
  • bs: 489 – 1993 & siemens tlv 9013 04 and brown boveri htgd 90117 Specifications,
  • approved by bhel, siemens,
  • dlf idustries for use in their steam turbines and Ape bellis india ltd & triveni engineering for their turbines,
  • worthington pump india ltd, for Their vertical pumps.
  • Recommended by gec alsthom, u.k.

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